Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Centering A Page Layout Using CSS

One thing that often stumps new developers is how to center a page layout for a site. It is often over looked by rookies that display changes when you change the window size, and putting a margin-left CSS tag will not show a centered page layout when you increase or decrease the window size. So, in order to have a centered page layout that will work in any browser at any resolution, you can use the following:


<div id="frame">
[page content]

position:absolute; pulls the div up out of relative positioning, allowing you to place it anywhere. The 'left:50%' puts the left edge of the div in the center of the page. We then set the width of the div, in this case 780px. Then, to center the div's center to the page's center, we pull back the left margin by half the width of the div; in this case -390px. If the width were set to 700px, the margin-left would then be -350px.

That's it. Easy, pretty, and works cross-browser/resolution.

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